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Share some HCNP-CC H11-848-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following steps must be configured for the Huawei IPCC network call center environment setting up?

A. NIRC is installed and configured in the Configuration Console

B. Each single-point call center system configuration and VDN configuration

C. Configure in UAP

D. all of the above

Answer: D

What is the full name of KVM?

A. Keyboard Video and Mouse

B. Keyboard Voice and Mouse

C. Keyboard Video and Management

D. Keyboard Voice and Management

Answer: A

In U2990, what does the PWR main functions include? (Select three Answers)

A. output 12V, 3.3V to power a single board

B. control veneer electric up and down

C. through the back and the exchange of data and control information between all single boards

D. provide fan 48V power supply

Answer: ABD

In U2990, the load from the balanced function to achieve unified call by ( ) eSpace U2990 as a load balancer access, business ( ) eSpace U2990 processing can do more eSpace U2990 resource sharing and external transparency.

A. Multiple, Multiple

B. One, Multiple

C. Multiple, One

D. One, One

Answer: B

In which tables can Media call billed regular daily tasks generate daily data? (Select 3 Answers)

A. T_Daylog_CaIIByTrk

B. T_Daylog_AgentCall

C. T_Daylog_CallAnalysis

D. P_Daylog_AgentOprInfo

Answer: ABC

In the system parameter configuration function, record playback is divided into two kinds: VP Playback (Queue Playback).

A. System playback

B. MediaPlay playback

C. AP playback

D. quality control playback

Answer: B

Which of the following places may cause errors in the Huawei platform report data errors? (Select 3 Answers)

A. CTI configuration

B. Phone failure

C. Datastation Configuration

D. Report Tool Configuration

Answer: ACD

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