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1.A customer has multiple data types and is looking for space savings on the storage environment.Which data type can benefit from Real-time Compression?
A. Media files
B. Virtual servers
C. Compressed database files
D. Encrypted user documents
Answer: B

2.A customer with a block storage from a competitor desires an OpenStack ready platform for storage management.Which solution should the technical specialist recommend?
A. IBM Spectrum Control
B. IBM Spectrum Scale
C. IBM Spectrum protect Suite
D. IBM PowerVM NovaLink
Answer: B

3.Which IBM FlashSystem A9000 function enables the division of storage system administration tasks into logical domains?
A. Storage-based permissions
B. Access-based permissions
C. Role-based permissions
D. interface-based permissions
Answer: C

4.A customer has a fully licensed single frame IBM TS4500 with four 3592 drives installed, using about 200 storage slots, and a small IBM TS3310 library with two LTO-6 drives and 60 LTO-6 cartridges. The customer wants to consolidate the two libraries and move the LTO cartridges into the IBM TS4500.Which upgrade to the IBM TS4500 achieves this goal?
A. Upgrade the LTO-6 drive models and move them into the existing frame.
B. Use the existing frame, and add two new LTO-6 drives.
C. Add a new drive frame, with two new LTO-7 drives.
D. Move the two LTO-6 drives into a new IBM TS4500 drive frame.
Answer: B

5.Which non-concurrent capacity upgrade is possible for a customer with an IBM FlashSystem 900?
A. Systems purchased with eight 2.9 TB flash modules can be expanded to twelve 2.9 TB flash modules.
B. Systems purchased with eight 5.7 TB flash modules can be expanded to twelve 2.9 TB flash modules.
C. Systems purchased with eight 1.2 TB flash modules can be expanded to twelve 2.9 TB flash modules.
D. Systems purchased with eight 1.2 TB flash modules can be expanded to twelve 5.7 TB flash modules.
Answer: A

6.A customer issued an RFP to replace EMC Disks. Vendors are being asked to provide the best competitive advantage in their proposals.What should the IBM proposal on an IBM FlashSystem A9000 include in the bid?
A. All software features included in base price
B. Flash cache
C. HyperSwap migration
D. Fully-automated software tiering
Answer: B

7.IBM has proposed IBM Spectrum Control for a customer who is currently using multiple vendor tools to manage a complex heterogenous storage environment.How does IBM Spectrum Control do this?
A. Simplifies single-pane of glass management
B. Large-scale single name space
C. Enables cloud-based management
D. Heterogeneous data migration
Answer: A

8.A customer has released a RFP for a cloud solution to monitor and analyze storage usage on IBM Spectrum Virtualize and EMC disk. The proposed solution will replace on-site monitoring software.Which product should the technical specialist recommend?
A. IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights
B. IBM Electronic Service Agent
C. IBM Storage Alert Manager
D. IBM Spectrum Scale
Answer: A

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C9020-668 Sample Questions-IBM Storage Technical V1

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1. A mainframe customer us considering moving from a native tape environment to a virtualized environment across two sites. A study has shown that it needs more than one IBM TS7700 at each site for performance and capacity reasons.What is the benefit of using IBM TS7700 hybrid grid?


2. A cloud service provider is looking to provide a scalable solution that provides quality of service capabilities, ease of management, deduplication, and integration with OpenStack and VMware while providing sub-millisecond response time.Which solution should the technical specialist recommend?


3. A customer’s compliance department requires that data is kept for ten years. The data must be available as needed, and the customer must ensure that the data cannot be modified.Which technology should the specialist recommend?


4. A customer wants to replace its legacy block storage environment with a new IBM FlashSystem A9000R solution and is concerned about properly estimating consolidated storage capacity after deduplication and compression savings.Which tool should be used?


5. When implementing disk encryption on an existing IBM TS7700, which action does a client need to take for the existing virtual volumes to be encrypted after the encryption feature is enabled?


6. How does an IBM XIV System provide a guarantee of consistent performance even under the most dynamically changing elastic cloud workload environments?


7. A customer with a minimum IBM XIV configuration is upgrading to a full rack and plans to add SSDs for performance.
How many SSDs would be added during this upgrade?


8. A customer has locations in Singapore, London, and Denver and is considering IBM Spectrum Scale for its unstructured data.
How does IBM Spectrum Scale benefit this customer?


9. Which solution meets a customer’s requirements for 100,000 IOPS, lowest latency, and maximum of 30 TB of raw capacity for an Oracle database?


10. What should the technical specialist explain when describing the addition of grid elements to an IBM FlashSystem A9000R?


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