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IBM C1000-022 exam is the new replacement test of C9020-668. We have cracked the latest C1000-022 exam certification dumps, which can help you pass the test with more than 90%. Want to read some IBM C1000-022 certification dumps? We provide 10 free questions of C1000-022 certification dumps. Test them below.

1. A customer with a local IBM svc cluster wants to use s3 protocol for archiving. Which IBM SVC feature can be used to meet these requirements?


2. A customer is preparing for a storage upgrade and is trying to decide if hybrid or all flash is appropriate for them. Lifecycle cost is a primary concern. Which tool should the technical specialist use to help the customer decide?


3. A mainframe customer needs to control the rapid growth of its database environment while providing the highest performance, lowest latency and lowest TCO.Which solution satisfies the customer’s requirements?


4. Which IBM Storage feature deployed by IBM Lab Services gives customers the Peace of Mind guarantee of 100% data availability?


5. A customer has existing SAP HANA production nodes connected to IBM Spectrum Scale. The customer needs to scale out additional nodes to maintain the high bandwidth requirement. Which type of nodes should be proposed?


6. What is the function of Copy Export within an IBM TS7760?


7. Which resource informs a storage specialist if a Technical and Delivery Assessment (TDA) has to be done?


8. A customer with NAS and block storage is booking IBM Software-Defined Storage as a means to improve storage efficiency within a data center. Which product from the IBM Software-Defined Storage Control will help the customer?


9. A customer has multiple tires of storage, is experiencing high growth, and has issues with managing a complex environment. Simplifications, ease of management, and storage efficiencies are key requirements. Which product meets the customer’s requirements?


10. How does the integration of IBM with IBM Flash System with IBM Spectrum Scale improve analytic environments?


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