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Share some HCNA H13-612-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Which of the following is the Hadoop distributed file system?


B. Hbase

C. Mapreduce


Answer: A

About pre-copy description, which is not correct?

A. Pre-copy is to copy data from the expiring of the members to the hot spare disk on the process

B. the data that will be pre-copied must be calculated and reconstruction

C. pre-copy greatly reduces the risk of data loss

D. Pre-copy requires hot spare disk

Answer: B

In Huawei Oceanstor V3 storage system, a LUN can create multiple snapshots, but only a snapshot in active state.



Answer: B

Which of the following description about DAS is wrong?

A.DAS is directly connected to the specified storage device to their server

B.DAS is divided into internal DAS and external DAS

C. server internal hard disk is not the DAS

D. external DAS can be directly connected to their access server via FC protocol or SCSI protocol

Answer: C

When Oceanstor 5300 V3 control box extend from 2 control to 4 control, can be used directly connected network, also can be used in a switch network



Answer: A

Cloud data center on the basis of data center to virtualize storage resources, computing resources, network resources, etc., providing a virtualization platform.



Answer: A

Here are two descriptions on Oceanstor V3 system characterization

1: When a disk is about to fail with fault, the system starts pre-copy, when doing the pre-copy, the influence on the system performance is similar to reconstruction

2: NCQ function is used for detecting a disk drive failure

A. Description 1 and Description 2 are right

B. Description 1 right, description 2 wrong

C. Description 1 wrong, description 2 right

D. Description 1 and Description 2 are wrong

Answer: D

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